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Help Ribby catch yummy carrot-flies for his lunch across 50 fun levels of ever more devious puzzles! Encounter traps, mazes, and monsters across four zones!

Learn the basics and avoid the obstacles in the Slimy Swamp!

Flick switches and avoid sharks on Buzzy Beach!

Turn cranks and shake things up in Creepy Cave!

Finally, it will take all the skills you have learned to survive the final confrontation at the top of Magma Mount!

PLUS! New for Ribbit Rabbit Special! The bonus stage, Frosty Forest takes Ribby through 10 new chilly challenges, with new puzzling mechanics to master!

Created in its entirety in Panic's 'Pulp' game creation system by myself, Ribbit Rabbit is only available for the Panic Playdate.

The demo version has four levels to give you a quick idea of the more basic mechanics and a taste of the different environments and puzzle elements that are introduced in the later levels. Please download and enjoy!

--UPDATE Version Special! --

Added Frosty Forest, title card animation, new game wrapper, and icon.

--UPDATE Version 1.3--

Fixed crash on level 4-9.

--UPDATE Version 1.2--

1) Fixed the level not being saved correctly.

2) Fixed crash when standing on moving tentacle whilst on a level with sharks.

3) Made the crank platforms less sensitive.

Still don't have my playdate, so thanks to everyone sending me bug reports from actual hardware!

--UPDATE Version 1.1--

Had some reports that the game was having audio issues. I have reduced the 'noise' channel to hopefully correct this. If the game music was too jarring, please download and try again.

I will hopefully get some time to make a few more additions of requested features soon. If you have anything you want to see, please message me!

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Tags1-bit, 2D, Black and White, Cute, maze, Pixel Art, Playdate, Tentacles, Top-Down
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Didn't know what to expect going in but wanted to support more Playdate devs and I gotta say: this game is rad. Love the concept of 1 jump, 2 jump and the puzzle designs are really well thought out. Had a blast working my way through world 1 and plan to keep on going through all worlds!

I can't tell you how much I was grinning watching you playing through the first world. There were so many design decisions I made there to try to introduce the more difficult concepts without spelling them out in a written tutorial and getting to watch them work as you went along was very satisfying!

I hope you enjoy the other worlds too, and there will be some more ribbit rabbit news soon so keep an eye out!

Downloaded new update of 1.3 and side loaded it via the Play Date side loading website.  It still says version 0.0.0 even though I can tell I uploaded by the newer date.  Is there a bug on the file naming?

Pulp doesn't let you change that version number I'm afraid. I am hoping when I get my playdate to use the script that converts the game to Lua which should hopefully make a few upgrades to the game, with proper version numbering being one minor update I want to add. 

Ah, ok thanks for the clarification!

Crashing bug on actual Playdate hardware:

In world 4, there are platforms that move when you shake your playdate. If you stand on one of those platforms, then shake the playdate, the platform will move out from underneath you. This will kill you and then crash the game. Crashing also triggers the "next" level unlock bug mentioned above.

As another piece of feedback, the crank inputs are too sensitive in this game. It is difficult to move a crank platform just one tile.

Otherwise, I'm digging it so far!

Thank you so much for letting me know! It was a pretty obscure bug, it actually only crashed if you did that on a level with a shark on it and honestly I'm not sure why but I did manage to fix it.

I have adjusted the crank speed, it is now three times less sensitive, so please let me know if it is still too fast.

Version 1.2 is now available for download and has both these fixed and the level save bug fixed too.

Also congratulations on making it to world 4! Great work!

Thank for the fixes! One more issue to report before I grab the version update - level 4-9 has been crashing for me on every death. 

I can confirm the level save bug is fixed on real hardware! The crank feels better too.

I can't remember what level had the crash I originally reported, so I can't verify that fix.

I am still getting a crash every time I die on 4-9:

Fatal: Unable to get tile at 12,18

Just finished the game! I enjoyed this! Thank you for making it!

Thank you for playing it!

I will find the bug on 4-9 and fix it.

Found, squashed, 1.3 uploaded


Enjoying this so far! However, you should have the “next” level unlock after you complete a level. When I turn the game off and come back to it, I have to redo the level I just beat instead of the one I’m currently on (1-7, which I’m not convinced there’s a solution for, it has me stumped).

Really nice, cute little puzzler!

Thank you so much for playing! I am aware of the bug, I will try and get a patch out for it soon, my evenings have been somewhat hectic lately.  I still don't have my own system, so it makes bug testing a little tricky, but I intend to release bugfixes where I can and when I get my own system I will probably release a patch with a few more bits and pieces in it too.

As for 1-7, I just double-checked and it's definitely completable. There are a few red herrings on that level designed to trip you up. Don't be fooled into thinking there is just one route on every level!


It’s no rush, I know how it is! I actually figured out the solution after I commented, go figure. But I appreciate you double checking it for me!

Version 1.2 fixes this bug for you, along with a couple of others. Sorry for the delay, but I finally got time to do bugfixes tonight! Thanks again for letting me know.

Awesome, I’m really happy to see that, thanks for letting me know!